Yes, i want to come to Berlin for the upcoming Berlin Bughouse Gathering!

Tell us about yourself! The following list of personal data is just for gatherings related organizational use. If you dont want to, we won't publish your name or use it in any other way than for the hostel reservation and the tourney registration.
Full name:
My email address is
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I play at the FICS
I play on the ICC
and my handle(s) is (are) .

I will arrive at

Now, lets talk about the Berlin Bughouse Open Tournament.
Yes i want to play in that tournament!
No, i am not interested.
In case you want to play:
Yes i already have a partner for the tournament.
No, i dont have a partner yet - you better get me a nice and strong one!
In case you already have a partner:
My partner for the tournament is (ICS handle or name)

Additional comments?