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The Teams
Unpartnered players
Invitation and Rules
The Betting Game


You guessed it - as in the years since 2001, the "Pfingstsamstag" (which is a christian holiday) will see another open bughouse tournament in Berlin. Important: the location of the tournament has changed for this year! Due to organisational problems in the past years (a noble way to put the simple fact that the cleaning personnel wouldnt let us in for an hour!), we decided to run the tournament at a more stylish location - a christian community house. But worry not- the normal bughouse action will happen, and as we all know, buggers are no saints! ;^)

The Teams:

1. Firefly + Marcusm
2. rln + Altais
3. TheBestGirl + Zola
4. venomous + wortel
5. nabla + Tjeulesbetes
6. LinusO + Grishezz
7. JulianeS + SabrinaK
8. ralfiZoller + cosinus
9. dommel + biltv
10. morgenmuffel + ingoB
11. Mejvik + DonToemmel
12. Ishamael+Cranith
13. Alamar+Fermy
14. Estenbri+FantasticCat
15. NN(GM)+NN(GM) *
16. Team SF Ostsee Warnemünde AlexanderK + DirkH
17. FabianG + DominikR
18. JanD + JanineP 
19. JanMantau + MatthiasD

* Does not wish to be listed by name or rating.


BugBug (SWE)
comonova (RUS)
Fudpucker (USA)
JStriker (GRE)
Lojza (CZE)
Ludeo (SUI)
masacre (NED)
mei (ROM)
meikever (NED)
puberdons (NED)
Sargeras (GER)
Schorle (GER)
Tecumseh (GER)
Wir (CZE)
Xvand (UKR)
Zakrzutek (POL)
Zap (USA)

Tournament invitation and rules

The invitations: in english and german .
The Rules. please note that these rules may be modified until tournament day should we discover serious flaws within them.

The betting game

The rules: message EuroBughouse on FICS with your guess for
  • Who will enter the finals (i.e. top 8 teams from the swiss qualifier tournament)
  • Who will be the top three teams
  • Which team will win the tournament?
You can submit and modify your bet until one hour before the tournament begins. You dont have to submit bets for all three categories. Bets will (anonymously) be published as they come in. Between all players results will be counted as follows:
  • Qualifier result
One point for each correctly predicted team (i.e., one team you saw in the top 8 that made it there);
another point for right place and team. Overall you can obviously make 16 points here.
  • Top 3 result
Three points for each team you correctly predicted in the top 3;
two more points for right placement of that team. Overall potential of 15 points here.
  • Tournament winner
Three points for correct prediction of the winner.
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