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[Bughouse Over The Board]

Few bughouse players will disagree that by far the best way to play the game is sitting on a real board, moving real pieces and shouting at a real partner. Unfortunately the bughouse scene is not closely as established as the chess scene; often enough its hard to get four people to play. The intention of this page is to offer contacts in areas near your place. So far it is mainly limited to german cities but i would be glad to change that. If you would like to see your city here alongside your name, email address or phone number, just drop me an email and i will gladly add you.

Country City Who Contact
Germany Berlin Marv Marv@bughouse.info
Frankfurt Zola Zola@bughouse.info
Cologne DonToemmel Zola@bughouse.info
Finland Kauhajoki Väinö Hirvelä vhirela@edu.kauhajoki.fi
Czech Rep. Hradec Kralove TJ Slavia, SKAcz dusan.skaloud@post.cz
The Netherlands Delft Cranith Cranith@yahoo.com

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