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This is a pretty complete collection of bughouse related URL's. Most of them were mailed to me by Lieven and Godly GadFly - thanks guys. The links were then verified and compiled by Zola. To add your link here please send me a mail. The owner of bughouse.info takes no responsibility whatsoever for the contents of the linked webpages.

Bughouse / Chess servers

FICS (Free Internet Chess Server) - Our preferred place to play bughouse (or crazyhouse, chess, ...) on the internet.
ICC (Internet Chess Club) - Another place to play bughouse, chess and chesslike variants on the internet. Costs money after a short free trial period. Not much quality bughouse, but lots of chess tournaments and titled players.
USCL Another server where you have to pay for the full service. You can register to play 12 rated games per day though. Has few bughouse players; has atomic.
Chess.net Yet another (free) server to play on. If nothing else, this is THE place to get a decent rating if you fail everywhere else.
DNCS Relatively young and small new Internet Chess Server run by a few FICS dissidents.

General Bughouse Websites

Back and better than ever - the legendary bughouse.net site. As SuperGrover, the creator and operator returned to FICS recently, you can expect frequent updates, good pictures and funny stories here. A must.
bughouse.net has an attached message and discussion board. Often you see really interesting stuff coming up here. Check it out daily!
A new interesting forum in new format can be found here.
Same software, same operators/moderators, but slightly more official - the official FICS Forum.
Nabla's bughouse page. The man himself, who generously hosts the Geneva gathering and, by the way, is a freaking strong chess, suicide and of course bughouse player. Lots of problems, strategy, openings, yet another set of rules, and cool coverage of the yearly gatherings there! Mostly translated to english.
ErrantFischer's page. This is a very special site. Run by ErrantFischer. Once you're hooked up to bughouse, this site will entertain you for DAYS with bughouse quizzes, the commented games (some of the comments written by famous bughouse players such as Gnejs and WhoAmI), and of course the document that should be MANDATORY for every new player, "TOP TEN WAYS TO TELL YOU HAVE A BAD BUGHOUSE PARTNER".
Ebenfelt's page Anders Ebenfelt, Fide master and steady top level bugger, set up this page with lots of personal opinions which you may or may not share - in any case, its very entertaining!
Chessvariants bughouse page A short and good introduction to bughouse. Here, you can find a lot of different chess variants, too.
beuki's page A very nice bughouse and crazyhouse page by beuki with strategy for beginners - in german.
kukuk's page Nice online chess page by FICS member kukuk, with a complete dictionary of online chess/ bughouse slang idioms - but only in german for now.
SKAcz's rules page. SKAcz is a very enthusiastic bughouse player who organizes tournaments and gatherings in the Czech Republic frequently. Here he tried to make a complete set of bughouse rules. Very interesting.
Other rules. A pdf file with one page of bughouse rules.
More rules. Another very short page with bughouse rules.
FICS help file. This is a link to the dreaded FICS helpfile "bughouse_strat" - yes, its the one with "NOOOOOODLE!" - "SPOOOON!".

Special bughouse sites

Flesh's page. A Classic! The page of Flesh, an old-school bugger who stopped playing but never took his page off the 'net. It may not help your game too much to study it but be sure to laugh your ... well to get some real good amusement there. (Come back to bughouse Flesh we miss you!)
DragonX A site set up by ICC and FICS talent DragonX (DragonXer on FICS). This page focuses on interviews with buggers and bughouse theory (i.e. openings). Top level buggers contributed here.
Blackcomb's bughouse page, lets you download useful programs for home analysis of bughouse games and a file with interesting games.

Local bughouse pages

Danila A page on bughouse in Russia, by the Russian FICS member Danila (now living in Norway).
meowrus' bughouse page, completely in russian; translate it by babelfish.altavista.com for an idea of the content.
KFV(?) A page on bughouse in British Columbia (I think it is by FICS member KFV who got punished for duping and may not use the KFV handle again).
Dutton bughouse A page of the Dutton Chess club in Toronto with a lot of information about local bughouse tournaments.
Königsjäger The proof that there is already bughouse in Berlin. Here you can find the some informations of bughouse tournaments previously organized by the chessclub "Königsjäger" (king hunters).

Personal bughouse pages

Lieven's bughouse page (mainly links and a database of bughouse games). Fun stuff, includes evergreen's like "my victories against nabla" :).
knighttour's Page. Various stuff about different chess variants, sometimes gathering pictures.

Bughouse organisations

SKAcz's Holandry Page, good stuff.
Beuki's World bughouse network with newletters and informations on the bughouse nations cup.

Bughouse Databases

Jamesbauds bughouse records: See how many games you played each day, who has the most games / highest rating in all times with nice graphics.
Lievens hand selected database of high quality bughouse games. Very interesting!
Jamesbauds database, the successor of Takarus database. The reference.

Books on bughouse

The Bughouse Book Project.People, this is going to be the ultimate thing. The bughouse book to answer all questions you possibly could ever ask about the game. Detailed instructions, analysis and stories about History, tactics, strategy, openings, but also gatherings and OTB/online playing. All this written by the very best players out there. An absolute must, initiated by Georg "Tecumseh" von Zimmermann....oh by the way, did i mention that i work on an article for this? :)
Comprehensive bughouse chess (Penn and Dizon, aka Dapenn and Dessertfox on FICS). People say that you better look at other resources than buying this book...

Chess interfaces

Thief - Thanks to the author and great bughouse player WhoAmI! He released the program and also the source code, which can be downloaded here. Mirrors:
Takaru, knighttour and AlexTheGreat offer Thief downloads.
Winboard: Home of winboard and xboard, very popular interfaces. They support bughouse but you have to open two windows simultaneously to watch your partners board.
AlexTheGreat is writing this very promising pure Java (swing) chess interface. Unfortunately, it doesnt support bughouse yet.
The EBoard interface, a Linux/Unix interface (using GTK for the interested programmers). No bughouse support yet.
Find Knights here, a Linux/Unix interface (using Qt for the interested programmers). No bughouse support yet.
SLICS- Home of the slics interface for Windows. An insider's tip of bughouse stars such as venomous and Gnejs.
CClient- more user friendly but much less bughouse optimized than thief. Still one of the top 3 interfaces used on FICS - give it a try.
Fixation- one of the few Macintosh interfaces. This one is also carbonized! Full bughouse support.
Finally, JavaBoard is the interface you use when you have no other choice - its good to begin playing on fics but rather slow.

Software that plays bughouse (or crazyhouse)

The sjenG program (by Garf of FICS).
Skyshark (by Googly of FICS).
The Sunsetter program (written by Tecumseh).
A very weak (commercial) program to play bughouse against.
Another stupid computer to play online against (without time limitation, ideal for sacsitters!).
This site allows to play correspondence bughouse (and other chess variants by mail)
Netblitz- a chess interface which can (as i assume) be used for peer to peer chess. I didnt try it.
The (commercial) program zillions of games lets you play a lot of different games, you can write your own rules for games etc. There is also a bughouse plugin.
Fermys directory with a lot of bughouse software (its not a homepage!).
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