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New game arrived - LinusO delivers again! Another "sweden vs. world" clash, where VABORIS, the current #1 and Bugzilla, who was #1 before, meet LinusO, the current #2, and LINDEGREN, a bughouse player who was previously nicely described by venomous as "Robert Lindegren, holder of the record for winning the most games with 1 second left on the clock and owner of the biggest cheese factory." VABORIS and Bugzilla start powerfully, manage to get a position where they have forced mates on both boards, but yet...count on the Vikings' fighting spirit! Enjoy this fun game. I have also included Linus' previous game into the online javascript version.
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Fudpucker and Firefly team up to comment two games, and they do not hold back! Its interesting how different their views sometimes are while both have good reasons for their opinion.
Game one: VABORIS and Firefly vs. tantheman and LINDEGREN
Game two: Firefly and LINDEGREN, the swedish connection, play VABORIS and pminear.

Also, the young leader of "best B" donated some of his time to comment on one of his games - VABORIS! While he proves to be a bit more shy than usual, his insights are instructive and helpful. Especially to learn how he knows exactly not only the weirdest openings, but also who of his frequent opponents plays which line impresses a lot.
Game three: VABORIS and LINDEGREN vs. pminear and LinusO.

ATTENTION - Having problems with the bpgn's? Beuki set up the games to view them right here, online for those who experience weirdness with the bpgnviewer, or are simply too lazy to install the viewer, or are at work. So see the games in fermy's javascript viewer, click here!

The eternal glory for being the first "donator of knowledge" goes to LinusO. Following the "Quality Bughouse Tournament" he was the first one to send in a commented game. I enjoyed reading and understanding it very much; LinusO is speaking out on who ruled and who sucked in that game! Now i hope that he motivates a lot of strong players to follow his example.

First commented game, LinusO and VABORIS play pminear and Bugzilla - commented by Linus O.!

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